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Jeni's recordings for children can be ordered direct from the artist. Send an email to Jeni with your selection and we'll get back to you with our current purchase and shipping options.

Rockysaurus and Friends
(CD)  $15.00 US
     Jeni Wright and the Dinosaur Revival Band
     Includes a new version of The Dinosaur Dip

          1. Rockysaurus   
Listen to a sample
          2. Missing
          3. My Name is Sam
          4. Running Shoes
          5. Frumperbottleboodlegumberangatang
          6. One More River
          7. The Dinosaur Dip    
          8. Finjan
          9. Animal Munchies
          10. What Can You Buy for a Dinosaur?
          11. That's What We're Doing
          12. The Earth Belongs to Everyone   

Watch Me Grow (Cassette)  $10.00 US
     Jeni Wright and the Dinosaur Revival Band

          Side A
          1. The Dinosaur Dip
          2. Bedtime Blues
          3. Noises
          4. Talking on the Telephone
          5. Water
          Side B
          1. Sea Shanty
          2. What can I do with my hands?
          3. Rabbit Foo Foo
          4. Zum Gali Gali
          5. It's Not Much Fun To Be A Dinosaur
          6. Little Red Bird











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