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About Personal and Traditional Tarot Readings by Jen
The Tarot is a deck of cards that are used as a tool for developing intuition. Tarot cards contain symbols that express a philosophy that has been cherished by mystics and sages through many centuries. Tarot can be used for both teaching and meditation. Its most popular use, of course, is for what is seen as fortune telling or predicting the future. But this is not really what a Tarot reading is about.

The root of the word divination is the same as divine or spirit-inspired. Instead of predicting the future, the Tarot really speaks to the present, providing insight, guidance, and wisdom from the higher self. Practiced in this way, a reading can help us make wiser and more enlightened decisions and aid us in pursuit of our chosen spirit paths.

I bring 12 years of Tarot card reading experience and have a multitude of positive references from people in all walks of life. My readings are led by the Tarot Cards as my guide to insight and premonition.

I am available for your birthday, engagement, girls night out, wedding, showers, corporate events, bachelorette parties — you name the occasion!
Readings are priced on a sliding scale beginning
around $30.